Timberland ownership affords unique opportunities and presents particular challenges.  Jowett and Wood, Inc., Consulting Foresters, offers you the benefit of a wide range of forestry experience in management, appraisal, investment analysis, and marketing.  We can help you take advantage of the opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls associated with timberland investments and ownership by ensuring that you make informed decisions.  Our professional foresters provide the following services :

  1. 1. Arms length competitive bid timber sales to take full advantage of a competitive market.  These sales yield  the highest returns to the seller.  Our knowledge of factors affecting price and the terms necessary to protect the interest of the seller, as well as an extensive list of potential bidders  will ensure that you receive the best price the market will bear.

  2. 2.  Land and timber appraisals for purchase, sale, trade, gifting, or estate valuation.  Merchantable and pre-merchantable timber valuation requires forestry expertise and access to information not found in courthouse records.  The timber portion may constitute as much as 85% of the value of a timberland property.  For this reason, a professional forester should be involved in any appraisal of land having timber or growing stock.  We can provide state certified appraisals in both Georgia and Florida.

  3. 3.  Damage appraisals to estimate the extent of damage done by fire or timber theft and to place a value on that loss.  The decision to salvage timber damaged by a wildfire should be based on a damage assessment.

  4. 4.  A forest management plan which incorporates the objectives of the owner with the capability of the land.  It is a means of organizing and evaluating information, as well as planning and carrying out those  activities which will meet the objectives.

  5. 5.  Prescribing management treatments , setting specifications,  and verifying performance of contract work.  Various sites respond to different treatments.  Our foresters know which treatments will and will not create a benefit.

  6. 6.  Reforestation to meet an owner’s objectives.  We recommend the most effective site preparation methods for the site, the most desirable species to plant, and the appropriate seed source.  We select dependable, qualified contractors to carry out the recommendations.

  7. 7.  Forest protection, including insect and disease control, fire protection, boundary line maintenance, and security.

  8. 8. A timber inventory (cruise) to provide information about timber products, quality, volumes, and location.  The inventory will also reveal the presence of areas where stocking levels are inadequate to fully utilize the potential of the land.

  9. 9.  Timber market analysis to evaluate the timing of sales or purchases.  Stumpage prices for products vary according to the time of year, logging conditions, type of wood, volume of wood, and economic conditions of the industry.  Information is the key to successful marketing.

  10. 10.  Timberland investment analysis for initial purchase, as well as for evaluating potential returns from reforestation, fertilization, or timber stand improvement.

  11. 11.  A knowledge of environmental regulations, best management practices, and local ordinances.


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